“A multi-directional approach for your wellness”

Holistic Health Practitioner

Age Defying Health for your mind, body, and spirit through targeted nutrition and energy work.

Antoinette Caruso, NTP, CGP

As an Holistic Practitioner, I approach wellness from many different levels. I evaluate your physical and nutritional health, and also your emotional and spiritual well-being. I pay close attention to the stresses you may be experiencing… do you sleep well, do you have emotional support at home, do you have time to cook? All of these impact how we feel, and they play a role in how we will approach your path to wellness.

It’s important to understand that chronic illness and autoimmune dysfunction can be reversed. Targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes get to the very root of these conditions; they help you repair yourself from the inside out.

Using foods, organic supplementation and energetic practices specific to your needs, I will formulate a doable drug-free program for you to get well and happy.

I work with clients in my office, and ‘live’ via the web. Clients nationwide have improved their health and well-being through our collaboration. I also offer group and corporate workshops on a variety of topics, including: “No more brain fog and senior moments… easy steps to a healthier brain”; “Grocery shopping 101: How to read food labels”; “Quick ways to detoxify”; and “What’s all the talk about Gluten?”

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Certified Gluten Practioner
Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher

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Nutritional Therapy & Counseling Services

Nutrition powers the machines of life. With proper nutrition and nourishment, we can avoid or begin to correct many symptoms mental and physical conditions and illnesses.

I’ll help you identify food choices that are affecting your health and wellness. With my counseling services, you’ll learn how to choose foods, what to look for in food labels, and how to prepare foods for maximum health benefits.

Natural Healing



Advanced Energy Balancing

Medical Intuition and Distance Healing

Spiritual Counseling and Readings

Ancient wisdom says that true health and happiness only occur when we are in touch with our spirit. Today many people are out of touch with their spirit because of social and constant media pressures. Many people have no quiet time to get reacquainted with their higher selves. In a sense, people begin to feel a disruption, stress, or disease.


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