“Oh no, it’s Mercury Retrograde again!”

I’ve always been fascinated by moon phases, sunrises, eclipses and solar energies.  I went into labor with my son Marco during a full moon and eclipse.  But in working with clients, I started noticing a pattern of issues that they would suffer or work through  at the same time, without ever knowing each other.  “There’s something going on here,” I thought.  I wondered if the planets could have something to do with it.

Planets are made of minerals, and so are we. The mineral consistency in our body and in the foods that we eat are necessary for life. Calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, boron, zinc, selenium, vanadium, and more…. just like in our bodies, some mineral pairings work antagonistically, and others synergistically.

Each planet and its mineral consistency has a unique gravity and vibration.  The moon and its gravity is well known for affecting the tides (ocean water has the world’s perfect mineral concentrations) and the menses of women.  Sailors, fishermen, and farmers have always kept their eye to the moon.  But what about the other planets?

Mercury, which is the closest true planet to the earth, has a mineral consistency and gravitational pull that affects communication.  When Mercury’s orbit is in front of the sun, we get full benefit of its help in understanding language, and in all matters of communication.  That includes tele-communications, television, phone, wifi, internet, radio, printed words, etc.

But then Mercury pulls away from the earth.  Its orbit is shorter than ours, and if we looked at it through a telescope, it looks as if it’s spinning backward.  It’s not…it’s an optical illusion….it’s going RETROGRADE.  And now life goes wonky.

Because communication is central to life, its disruption can really cause stress and chaos.  Mercury retrograde lasts just a hair over three weeks.  This specific Mercury Retrograde lasts from July 25, 2018 until August 18, 2018.    You feel like you’re speaking English, but your partner is listening in Zambezi ….. “I didn’t say THAT!” you exclaim.  “Yes, you DID,” he utters.  Your phone might do strange things, you may lose things on the computer, bills get lost, mail gets delayed.  And if you’re not careful, your stress levels can rise.

KNOWING that you’re not causing the disruption, and understanding that no one’s causing the craziness on purpose, can help you navigate these times.  It alleviates stress when you can laugh at what’s happening.  Just breathe and watch life like you’re watching a movie.  Don’t allow yourself to get emotionally involved in a temporary disruption.

Mercury Retrograde acts as a re-set period.  It is a great time for re-working something you already have in progress.  It’s great time to re-build something you’ve started in the past, and for reviewing work and life’s goals.

It is NOT the time to ‘sign on the dotted line’, however.  Don’t start a new job during Mercury Retrograde, but you can interview for one.  Try not to have hospital tests done, nor medical procedures during this time.  It’s not the right time to get married.  When Mercury is behind the sun, a piece of the puzzle is always missing…you won’t have all the information you need until it comes back around.  Just breathe, and wait for a couple weeks until things go direct.

Many years ago, I was on the Board of Directors for Clarion County Community Bank.  We were planning the date for the opening of our second location in New Bethlehem.  “Gentlemen,” I said during the directors meeting, “that date will never work. It’s in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Please wait ten days.”  Of course, all the men voted to open on the day they’d agreed upon.  “Make sure you put it in the minutes that I dissented,” I said.  Sure enough, the second location was launched in the middle of Mercury Retrograde…and none of the computers could communicate with the mother bank in Clarion.  Try as they may, the hosting company couldn’t get the computers up and running until ten days later….after Mercury went direct once again.

So until August 18, laugh at the glitches that happen, don’t get frazzled at your finicky phone, and wait to sign on that dotted line!