Medical Intuition & Distant Healing

Medical Intuition and Distant HealingPeople and spirit are vibration. In medical intuition and distant healing I tune into your vibration to “see” where there are disruptions.

It is actually better that I can’t view you with my eyes, rather than with the ‘third eye’ which is the energy chakra that sits in front of (and is powered by) the pineal gland.

I am a trained intuitive and reiki master. I direct universal healing energy to my clients at a distance. From a deep meditative state, I can sense where they have physical, mental, or emotional pain. I prefer to work with no information from the client in distant healing. In doing so, I am assured that the insight I gather is from infinite wisdom, and not compromised by my thought.

Afterward, I consult with my clients for confirmation and to discuss findings. For example, I may comment “ I see you’ve been concerned with work, and your chest has felt tight”, or “I see you’ve felt quite emotional, have you recently suffered a break up”, or “how long has your stomach been bothering you?” Clients consistently say they’ve felt better afterward, and experience a feeling of deep peace.