What To Expect

During the initial consultation, we will map out the conditions you would like to have resolved.

My clients list of up to five conditions they would like to improve. Using food as medicine, we develop a plan designed to meet personal needs. Our action plan can involve a nutritional work up, nutritional supplementation, functional testing, a foods journal, a grocery shopping outing, energy balancing sessions, reiki, or meditation for stress relief. Some people ask for help with menu planning. We will take small steps, keeping them fun and doable.

Your wellness is a collaborative effort.

Communication is the key to your success! Your input is very important to your health!

Please be aware that my expertise extends to nutritional supplementation with nutrients and foods, not pharmaceutical advice or diagnosis.   

If necessary for your best outcome, I will refer you to a family physician or chiropractor. I am always happy to speak with your other healthcare providers to help achieve the best possible outcome for you!

Expect to see an improvement in wellness soon!

Some people see immediate changes when we identify the real culprit in their lifestyle. (Omitting gluten often shows immediate results.) For blood sugar handling, sometimes people will feel better within a month. Stress relief often happens quickly with a program of reiki and appropriate foods added to the diet.

I am here as your lasting resource for wellness.

When you feel well, feel free to refer family and friends to join our circle of wellness. I am always available via text or phone (with 24 hr. turn- around time) to answer quick questions between appointments and to help keep you on track.

In office and distant appointments are available. Please call 207-664-3754 to arrange an appointment or complete the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you.