Just over two years ago, I fell madly, unexpectedly in love.  It was immediate.  “I’m afraid I’m in love with a man I haven’t kissed yet! ” I exclaimed to my best friend.  My heart soared, and suddenly the man was in my head every second of every day.  When we finally did kiss for the first time, I felt like I had glimpsed heaven.  Different from all my past experience, it took me by such surprise, I was convinced that what we were experiencing was a soulmate connection.

But then his ex girlfriend came back into the picture.  Clearly, they had unfinished business.

My world caved in.

“Get over it, Antoinette” I whispered to myself….”You’ll be okay!”  But I wasn’t okay.  I started experiencing pain between my shoulder blades.  My heart was wounded emotionally, and the pain was manifesting physically right behind my heart.  Chiropractic visits would help, but my mid back wouldn’t stabilize.

Months passed and then my hips started to hurt too.  I would catch myself limping, because my knees and ankles were trying to balance my hips above them.

“What happened to you?!” my Chiropractor asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.  But it was a lie….I DID know.  My hips are a part of my ‘sacral chakra’, the energy center of the body that governs relationship.  Our relationship had been pulled out from underneath me, and I had physically lost balance. Only when I could get my HEAD and EMOTIONS back in balance, could the rest of my body follow.  With all of my Holistic expertise, I was afraid I was falling apart.

Then one day, I discovered a book called “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  The good doctor had been in a traumatic accident with several crushed vertebrae.  He refused surgery to reconstruct his spine, and instead ‘thought himself well’.  He knew the first step to healing his body was to heal the emotions he felt about his condition.  He writes…”emotions are chemical feedback, the end products of experiences we have in our external environment.  So as we react to a situation in our external environment that produces an emotion, the resulting internal chemistry can signal our genes to either turn on (up-regulating, or producing an increased expression of the gene) or to turn off (down-regulating, or producing a decreased expression of the gene).  The gene itself doesn’t physically change- the expression of the gene changes, and that expression is what matters most because that is what affects our health and our lives.”

In a nut shell, every time we think about something that hurts us, our body reacts as though it is being hurt again. It puts us into a condition of dysfunction which we re-create with our thoughts.  If you continually think about what hurt you, your body begins to degenerate with the chemicals your thoughts create.  So how do we heal?  We must CHANGE our thoughts and think forward, toward unexpected possibilities, instead of looking backward.  That means quieting the mind, and training it not to think about what happened in the past.  Each time your mind wanders backward, re-route it to a feeling of joy, bliss or freedom.

It takes time to learn a new habit, but it works.  I no longer think about what happened.  Instead, when the situation drifts into my mind, I re-route my thoughts, and imagine an empty room filled with white light and love.  The room has plenty of space for new and happy possibilities. There’s no room for the old thoughts. Now, my mid back is healed, and my hips are following.

A wise teacher taught me that we must work to regain our power (from destructive emotions.)  Our situation and our destiny can be changed, because ALL destinies are written in the Akashic record.  It is up to us to choose which destiny to live.

Repeat this mantra to help put yourself back on path:

  1. My tomorrow is SEARCHING for me!
  2. I’m LETTING GO of yesterday.
  3. I’m AVAILABLE for my tomorrow.
  4. Come get me, Destiny!

Blessings and healing to you all.