Case Studies/Testimonials

Preparing For Surgery

Before Donna L. went in for surgery, Antoinette worked with her on visualizing her recovery. Placing her right hand over her heart, Donna repeated a Reiki suggestion “I will heal quickly,” “I will heal without swelling, without fear” and other phrases. After practicing, Donna’s surgical team noticed before she even woke up, she had her hand on her heart and was repeating her phrases. The surgeon was impressed at Donna’s remarkable healing. Her recovery time was cut in half and she had none of the expected pain.

Managing Chronic Illness

L.H. had a severe case of Lyme Disease that was limiting her life severely. After working with Antoinette with nutritional therapy for several months, her energy level improved and her pain is essentially gone. Her swelling in her joints has also disappeared. Antoinette also worked on her hypothyroid issue and used supplements to get her hormone levels in the normal range.

Healing From Sexual Abuse

Mary* had issues with stress and depression her entire adult life. She was concerned these issues were coming from her work and had closed herself off to the possibility of God because of her life circumstances. As Antoinette gave reiki to her, Mary’s spirit guides spoke to her. They assured her that she had done nothing to deserve the sexual abuse that happened to her as a child.  Her spirit guides told her that her suffering served as a wake up call to her perpetrator. After this conversation, Mary’s depression and anxiety lifted. Her life is now more free and happy and she is able to deal with the interpersonal relationships and stresses of her job. Her personal life is also much happier.

“As a Richard G Laube Cancer Center Nurse Manager, I observed first hand the benefits meditation afforded to the staff, patients, and community members who participated… Toni is an inspiring and knowledgeable practitioner in many holistic modalities. She brings an open heart and genuine love of people to her classes, empowering others on their life’s journey.”
– Cindy Scocciamerra Pasiniski, RN, BSN, OCN

*Some names have been changed to protect their privacy.