Reiki Therapy

Reike Therapy Treatment Who benefits from Reiki?

Reiki therapy treatment can help anyone. Energy or “qi” (pronounced chee) must be in constant motion for you to remain healthy.

Treatments are especially helpful:

  • Before and after surgery to promote fast healing.
  • During and after pregnancy to promote easier birthing and happier babies.
  • During times of mental or emotional stress to ease tension and deter stress related illness.
  • For people suffering chronic pain. It allows them to relax.
  • For people with disturbed sleep patterns; patients report more refreshing sleep after reiki.
  • To promote healing in people suffering from chronic diseases.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, in his January 2010 television show, declared “the most important alternative medical practice of all . . . is energy medicine.” He continued to say, “Try Reiki … the ultimate secret if you can’t solve what is ailing you is energy manipulation.”

Reiki, pronounced “ray-key,” and energy manipulation involve manipulating and adjusting the universal energy that courses through you and through all living things. Your brain works with electrical impulses, or energy. That energy flows along pathways called meridians. Subtle blockages or interruptions along those energy pathways can cause pain, weakness or nervousness.

What happens in a Reiki therapy session?

As the client lies comfortably, the Reiki Master passes his hands over the client to detect subtle energy fluctuations. He may detect areas of pooled energy where the client is experiencing pain, or cool areas where organs are not functioning properly. The Reiki Master then conducts universal energy through his hands to the client, whereby the pooled energy begins to flow normally again. The patient is able to regain balance and begin to heal.