Meditation Training

Why Practice Meditation?

meditationEveryone has their “happy place.” Whether its a stroll across the shimmering sands of a warm beach, or spending quality time with friends and family. Unfortunately, the stress and rigors of daily life prevent the typical American from simply relaxing. If you feel that life is increasingly overbearing and hectic, meditation is the perfect fit for you.


Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is proven to alleviate anxiety and stress. Physicians are increasingly warning about the dangerous role stress can play on the body. Through a variety of techniques and practices, meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure, slash the chance of heart disease, reduce arteriosclerosis, fight depression and improve appearance and awareness!


Learn the Meditation Style that’s Right for YOU

The art of meditation is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, being practiced by a variety of ancient cultures. It is not homogeneous, rather it embodies many forms. Among the different types include breath meditation, movement meditation (including T’ai Chi and Qi Gong), mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and creative visualization.  We can teach you the perfect meditation that allows you to de-stress and refresh!

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