If you are like most people, you sometimes feel stress in the form of anxiety or depression.  You are not alone. The National Institute of Mental health says that one in five Americans were prescribed medication for anxiety, depression or other mental imbalances last year.  That’s a staggering rate!  And statistics show that 30% of all hospitalizations were for mental health issues.

In the beginning, our body was designed to deal with stress on a short term basis; fight or flight.  If we were being chased by a bear or predator we ran, or we fought it off.  Stress was fast, and then it subsided.  We recovered. But that was then….

Today, stress is different, and it’s long term.

We have:

  • Environmental stress from toxins, GMO foods, and chemical exposure
  • Electromagnetic frequency exposure from electrical towers
  • Job and relationship stress
  • Screen stress from WiFi and 24/7 bombardment of info
  • PTSD
  • Feelings of isolation in a sea of people

In a world that’s upside down, what if you could feel better?  In A Month to a Happier You, you can start to feel calmer and more joyful.

Here’s an overview of what’s offered:

Week 1: Essentials Overview

  • Structural alignment for positive brain function
  • Foods and nutrients to promote positive brain function and happiness
  • Food journaling and spirit diary
  • Private support group

Week 2: Turn Off the Tube

  • Distractions and mood destruction
  • Quiet the Chatter with Meditation
  • the Power of Words/ Creating an Inner Dialogue
  • Mindfulness Journaling

Week 3: Moving Meditation

  • Foods and Mood Check-up
  • Light and Color Therapy
  • the Power of Laughter/ Raising the Vibration
  • Touch Therapy/ Hug Thy Neighbor
  • God Is In All/ the Power of Gratitude

Week 4: Journal Observations

  • “No More Buts”- retelling the story
  • Advanced Touch Therapy/ pass the energy on!
  • Making New Connections    

You can start to feel better soon!

For more information about  A Month to A Happier You for yourself or a group of friends, contact me: