“What’s up?” I wondered as I burped again.  “This isn’t like me!”   Because I’m a nutritional therapy practitioner, I keep my digestion in tiptop shape, because it’s the basis for all good health.  It’s summer, and I’d been feasting on the organic produce from the local farm markets.  Even the grocery stores are full of organic fruits and vegetables…..or so I thought!

I bought organic nectarines from the Hannaford grocery store here in town.  I noticed not long after I ate my first one that I was feeling a bit out of sorts.  Two days passed, and i noticed that I was STILL having burps.  “But I NEVER burp,” I thought!  As I grabbed another nectarine this morning to have with my morning yogurt, I noticed it felt waxy.  I checked the sticker on it, and it was marked organic, but something in the back of my head told me to investigate further.

As you read the screen shot of the number on my nectarine, it is marked organic, but I was surprised that its composition included PLASTIC FILM.  The plastic film is the wax that had covered my nectarine to keep it fresh longer, and to keep it from decaying.  The first problem with that, is that it is a CHEMICAL.  The second problem with that is that anything that disrupts the natural bacteria on the fruit or vegetable disrupts the bacteria in your gut!

Our health DEPENDS upon the healthy bacteria in our gut, where it works to break down the components of food.  As our healthy bacteria breaks down food, it turns the food into vitamins, enzymes, and nutrition that our body can absorb and use for energy and regrowth.  Our body CANNOT do all of those vital processes by itself….digestion is primarily a bacterial event, not a physical event.  Chemicals added to our food disrupt our healthy bacteria, our microbiome.  Our gut bacteria is a living universe of microscopic organisms, balanced to change the physical food we eat into energy for action, thought and life itself.

When we burp, have indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, or constipation, it is a clear sign that our bacteria,( our microbiome,) is not healthy.   So what do we do next?

Look for digestive enzymes from your nutritionist or osteopath, or find them at your local health food store.  It will help you to start breaking down foods again.  Take Colostrum LD….the LD means liposomal delivery….the formula will be delivered to your intestines and start repopulating the healthy bacteria and immune factors you need to repair your gut and your digestion on a long term basis.

If you have “organic” produce that has a waxy residue on it, soak it first in white vinegar.  The vinegar acts like a mild acid to break down the coating. Gently rub off the residue, then rinse it in running water.  As always, do the best you can, and be mindful when you’re choosing your foods.  And I will take more time to buy my fresh produce from my neighbors and local farmers!  Here’s to good eating, and no more burps!  Cheers!